Gabriella BENEDINI
Gabriella Benedini was born in Cremona in 1932. After graduating at “Paolo Toschi” institue in Parma, she attended Milan Accademia of Brera. During her stay in Paris from 1958 to 1960, she arranged personal exhibitions and took part in collective ones. Back to Milan, during the period of “ Realismo Esistenziale ”, thanks to the artist Bepi Romagnoni, she was brought into contact with “Galleria Bergamini”, where Carlo Munari arranged her first Italian Exhibition in May 1962. Her frequent journeys in Africa, Asia and America nourished her continuous research: places and situations conveyed suggestions and impulses that led to the definition of images and primary forms, all distinctive of her subsequent artistic path. Gabriella Benedini progressively abandoned her pictorial research, working on many other artistic expressions, in particular on visual projects; in 1972, she made two Super 8 “Doprenoi” and "Diutop".
Since the early 80s Benedini’s artistic research has shifted to sculpture.
"Storie della terra" - "Mutazioni" - "Lettere Italiane" - "Teatri della malinconia" - "Pendoli del tempo" - "Goniometri" [Goniometers] - "Sestanti" [Sextants] - "Costellazioni" [Costellations] - "Mousikč" have burn. Different forms and materials expanded more and more in space, creating sculptures like "Arpe" [Harps] (since 1993), "Navigazioni" [Navigations] (since 1996), and "Vele" [Sails] by 2004. Her interest in the word and in books led to an intervention on Einaudi 's poetry collection, consisting in the replacement of the introductions with signs and graphics inspired by texts and to the realization of “Bibliotheca”, artistic “polimaterici” books; 130 books have formed in 2012 the installation Bibliotheca-Quadrivium created for "Cento Amici del Libro" in the context of exhibition "Non si riposa il mare" at the "spazio Oberdan" in Milan. In 2014 the Diocesan Museum of Milan dedicates a major exhibition "Transiti e incontri" by Paolo Biscottini and Paolo Bolpagni.